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Achieving the goal together: A company is only as good as its employees, for whom the management stands here as a representative. In addition to professional and social competence, we all share tolerance, commitment, agility and creativity, as well as an open and lively exchange of experience.

Karsten Arndt

Klaus Letzing

Jens Starkjohann

Dirk Strauß

Kay von Witzler


Karsten Arndt is a Managing Director of ASCAVO AG and is responsible for the areas of Product Development and IT Services/SAP Basis Services.
He studied computer science and business administration at the University of Kiel. His main areas of study were operating systems and computer networks as well as investment and financing. After graduating, he started working for an IT consulting company, where he was involved in numerous software development projects in the banking and insurance sectors. In 2003, he founded Boreales GmbH together with Kay von Witzler. His professional activities focus on consulting and further development of the SAP-based ALL.FONDS product family, in which the Boreales software solutions for the investment industry are bundled.


Klaus Letzing is a Managing Director of ASCAVO AG, where he is responsible for strategy and corporate development.
After his state examination for teaching at secondary schools in Kassel, Klaus Letzing began his professional career in 1990 at KPMG Unternehmensberatung, where he played a key role in the development of SAP RE in cooperation with SAP. As a senior manager with power of attorney, he was responsible for the implementation of SAP in various large real estate and insurance companies at KPMG. After working as a Managing Consultant at IBM Business Consulting from 2004 to 2008, he was one of the founders of SemTrac AG in 2008, where he most recently served as the company's Chairman of the Board.


Jens Starkjohann is a Managing Director of ASCAVO AG, where he is jointly responsible for the consulting division.
He studied business administration at the University of Hamburg, specialising in industrial management and operations research. After graduating, Jens Starkjohann started his professional career in the field of business consulting in various positions at international consulting firms. As a result, he has been active as a consultant in the real estate industry at home and abroad since 1995, with a focus on SAP.
Jens Starkjohann was most recently a member of the SemTrac AG Management Board and was responsible for strategic customer acquisitions, the expansion of products for share price calculation, tax calculations and investor management as well as key account management for some of the existing customers.


Dirk Strauß is a Managing Director of ASCAVO AG and is jointly responsible for the consulting area and internal services.
After studying business informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Wedel, Dirk Strauß started his professional career as an IT consultant in the field of finance and accounting at an IT consulting company in 1991. After numerous projects in a leading position in the financial management environment, several projects in contract management under SAP followed from the beginning of the 2000s. In 2007, Dirk Strauß joined Boreales GmbH, where he was responsible for SAP support until 2016. After that, Dirk Strauß was appointed to the management of Boreales GmbH.

von Witzler

Kay von Witzler is a Managing Director of ASCAVO AG, where he is responsible for strategy and corporate development.
After the training as a businessman in the real estate and housing industry, Kay von Witzler studied business administration at the University of Hamburg and the Helmut Schmidt University of the German Armed Forces, specialising in international taxation, auditing and trusteeship. After working for a real estate subsidiary of a bank, he switched to the IT consulting sector, where he was responsible for managing numerous SAP implementation projects for well-known banks and insurance companies. Kay von Witzler was founder and Chief Executive Director of Boreales GmbH.
His professional focus lies in answering real estate-specific and financial questions on indirect real estate investments as well as in IT strategy consulting.